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The Secret Practice of Successful Sales Leaders - DAILY BOOKENDS

The Power of Morning and Evening Routines are the "Bookends" for a successful life - It's what separates leaders from the followers. Imagine an item of string with some beads on it. Each bead represents your priorities, goals, and relationships. Tip the string to at least one side or another, and the beads will easily slide off and spill throughout the floor. However tie a knot at each end of the string, and the beads remain intact. The knots represent your morning and evening routines. They maintain the priorities in your life keeping the beads in balance and from falling apart, thus helping one to progressively become a better person.

Many individuals ask me what I practice on a regular basis and for the length of time to be able to attract what I would like in life Matt Hart Betterworks. I have heard people say why can't I simply focus on what I would like in my entire life when I have the time or why can't it be easier. I've had others say I would like to achieve this or that, but I can't commit or I don't have the self-discipline.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "We become what we think of all day long long." It's through the practice of thinking with repetition that allowed us to master our names, drive an automobile or know a song by heart. With this concept in your mind, it absolutely is practical to practice, study and learn with repetition focusing in your biggest desires on a regular basis. You should attempt by utilizing your faculty of imagination to propel your ideas upward and forward, into your consciousness and then take action to draw every little thing for you that you need with passion and purpose.

The definition of "bookend your entire day" is really a practice of starting and ending your entire day with the thoughts of what you love and desire probably the most in your life. Whether you're affirming, reading, writing, meditating or any combination of techniques to visualize and conceptualize the number of choices of greater sales or something near and dear that you wish to do, be or have, combining constant space repetition with faith and expectancy will certainly result in the realization of one's dreams.

Write out a mental list of all things that you love probably the most and expand in it without limitation. See yourself in the midst of having everything you need, feel it and begin acting as if you already have it in your overall environment. Like: if you wish to be rich, begin acting like an abundant person by tipping very well when at a cafe (acting reasonably & within you method of course). Plant your biggest ideas on the screen of your brain the moment you wake every day and before you retire for the night for up to 30 minutes. Have complete faith in your ideas coming true and empower the number of choices with new information and resources that comes your way as your brain draws new channels of information and resources to you.

Become alert to the people, places and things appearing in your environment that's aligned along with your bookends. Write a mental thanks list for all the new avenues and opportunities appearing consequently of your brand-new practice. Embrace your lifetime and enjoy creating your world around you by practicing bookends along side gratitude for all your desire and deserve.

Key Points:

1. Establish quiet time on your own every day once you rise and every evening before you retire for up to 30 minutes to affirm what you would like most.

2. Bring into focus an image of what you would like that produces you feel good (you may say the words to yourself "imagine if and complete the blank).

3. Hold that image on the screen or your brain to the exclusion of all outside interference (this will take some practice)

4. Notice how you feel once you act as if you curently have what you want.

5. Pay close attention to the colors, textures, people or any other characteristics of one's image.

6. Practice each day and soon you commence to notice things changing in your environment always expecting your ideas and images to come true no matter what.

7. Write out or journal your thoughts and ideas around your desires.

8. Affirmations could be in the form of writing, saying or meditating on a notion multiple times (for 5 minutes or maybe more for example).